Come Blind and You Shall See All !!!!!!


Happy birthday to the real dancing machine of EXO, Kim Jongdae!!! (and this is indeed a happy fun times with exo comic, birthday edition)

I am no good with words so I will just let this convey how much I support you, my wonderful bias ; w ; maybe it’s not much, but I wish you a long and fruitful career as a successful singer, and I hope that you become famous throughout all of Korea and China with that stunning voice and sassy personality of yours!!! you are gr8 chen, never stop being who ya are ok, I will be behind you all the way xoxoxo ur loving fan from america

(as for everyone else reading this, I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS ANIMATION because i rather like it, and i do heartily recommend that you listen to this while you watch ehehehEHE watch him jam to it)

(via kristianmingle)

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